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Are you our next franchise partner? Are you our next franchise partner?

Benefits of Franchise

Looking to maximise your business?

We offer a business model that makes franchising convenient. This includes attractive margins on fast moving convenience products, cost saving relationships with other major national suppliers and a strong discount and rebate programme negotiated with suppliers.

Proven Retail Model

Our model is premised on business benefits from Re.Store and Circle K global reach, providing opportunities for revenue growth, cost reductions and enhanced service levels. We have built an unrivalled trust in quality of service in our industry. Using  data and our extensive knowledge of the Irish market we can provide a model that can  maximise growth and profit within any region  across the country. We also  provide a specifically designed format for your location.

World Class Retail

We provide a sole end to end forecourt solution. Engaging with our services allows you to enjoy the experience of dedicated and specialist advice for your business. This is added to the benefit of operational and retail expertise which we gain from our global network of stores. Using our services and operating standard  tools you can deliver excellence whilst safeguarding your business.

Leaders In Food

Our food service standards showcase our desire to fully meet the needs of today’s discerning on-the-move customer. We have developed an offering tailored to all customer segments. Our offer includes freshly made deli sandwiches and salads, home baked goods , quality pre- pack range and brand additions such as Real Hot Dogs . Within our award winning food offers are attractive margins and best in class branding.


Simply Great Coffee is our flagship coffee brand specifically designed to match local taste preferences. Our Simply Great Coffee beans have been ethically sourced, expertly blended and perfectly roasted to create a unique blend tailored to cater for the discerning Irish coffee drinker. Margins are maximised as we provide the whole cycle from bean to cup.

Expertise In Fuel & Forecourt

miles is Ireland’s only fuel brand delivering additised fuel to every customer. In addition to the margin opportunity miles provides, we are investing in huge marketing initiatives to bring more awareness to the brand, proven to take you 3% further. With over 430 sites we have the largest branded fuelcard network in  Ireland adding both fuel volume growth and creating footfall. We’re constantly watching trends in the market to add procurement value to your business. Whether that be in store or on the forecourt we’re investing in research and development to allow all our partners to maximise profits across the business.